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Compressed Air
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We are all familiar with the routine of moving from room to room in our homes, diligently turning off lights that our kids have left on. We are also conscious of managing our home’s thermostat settings during the winter, making sure to lower it at night or when we’re away for an extended period.

In our personal lives, we take measures like fixing a leaky kitchen faucet or a continuously running toilet to save on utility costs and keep our bills in check. These actions reflect our commitment to cost-cutting in order to make our utility expenses more manageable.


However, when it comes to our businesses, we often overlook a significant utility expense: compressed air. Compressed air ranks as our fourth most expensive utility, incurring costs not only in terms of electricity but also in labor and materials for maintenance. This comes after the initial capital investment and depreciation. Strangely, compressed air tends to be undervalued, wasted, and subject to misuse in many industrial settings.

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