Air Energy Audit

Compressor Room


Air compressors often pose an issue due to their noisy operation, which leads designers to confine them within compact enclosures. While newer compressors tend to be quieter, the desire to conserve floor space may still result in cramming multiple compressors into limited areas.

The installation of proper ventilation ducting can be costly, and in some cases, only a minimally sized ventilation opening is created in the wall to provide cooling for the enclosed space. When compressors operate without proper ducting, they release hot air into the room, potentially raising the room’s temperature if there isn’t sufficient airflow in and out.

In the worst-case scenario, the compressor’s cooling fan might draw in preheated air, creating a closed loop that leads to rapid compressor overheating.

It’s crucial to ensure that the ventilation in the compressor room directs the heat generated during compression away from the incoming cooling air to prevent issues. Additionally, it’s important not to overlook auxiliary equipment like refrigerated air dryers, as they also generate heat that can contribute to higher-than-desired temperatures in the compressor room.

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