Air Energy Audit


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Industrial establishments frequently rely on compressed air systems to operate vital machinery, making compressed air almost as crucial as electricity in various industrial operations. Surprisingly, these critical compressed air systems are often overlooked by facility owners and managers when striving to enhance efficiency. This oversight can result in significant costs, particularly in the realm of energy efficiency. According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy, as much as half of the energy consumed by air compressors may go to waste.

If your industrial facility relies on compressed air, an Air Energy Audit can reveal opportunities to enhance productivity and boost your financial performance. A thorough Air Energy Audit conducted by a skilled expert can pinpoint concealed inefficiencies. Depending on the audit outcomes, it has the potential to yield the following benefits almost immediately:

  • Minimize compressed air leaks.
  • Curtail improper use of compressed air.
  • Enhance energy efficiency.
  • Bolster system reliability, leading to reduced downtime.
  • Substantial savings in operational expenses.
  • Diminish maintenance challenges.
  • Lower the risk of product contamination.

The size and complexity of a facility directly correlate with the likelihood of discovering potential enhancements through an Air Energy Audit. However, facility operators utilizing compressed air, spanning various industries such as cement, textiles, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage, among others, may frequently observe that an audit can rapidly yield cost-saving benefits. Your audit report will encompass:

  • Optimization tactics
  • Roadmaps for implementation
  • Financial insights.

Services we are offering includs:

  • Leak detection.
  • CFM-Air Flow monitoring.
  • Compressor on load/offload analysis.
  • Compressed Air system evaluation.
  • Compressor room audit.
  • Dryer performance valuation.
  • System design/drawing service.

We will conduct an initial on-site evaluation and provide you with a estimated project cost. Following this, you will be required to make a 50% upfront payment, with the remaining 50% due upon receipt of our comprehensive final report. Our objective is to deliver an impartial and independent report that discourages unwarranted decision-making. The outcomes may indicate the need for new equipment and piping.

A properly designed, maintained and energy efficient compressed air system could save in millions of rupees each year. It will also minimize the risk of lost production by increasing the reliability of supply and improve the strength and safety aspect of operating a pressurized system.

At average your investment will recover within 7-14 months, after applying recommended optimizations. All remains is your profit

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