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Vibration Analysis

Unbalanced bearings often lead to machinery vibration issues. However, there are situations where merely replacing bearings or balancing them is insufficient to resolve the problem. Our primary goal with our vibration analysis services is to conduct a thorough examination of your specific issue and pinpoint the underlying cause of the vibration.

To achieve this objective, you require the most effective tools available to maintain the availability of your machinery. Our vibration data collector is not only the fastest but also the most powerful option on the market. It is compact and lightweight, and it’s just one component of our comprehensive range of leading-edge analyzers. This allows you to remain well-informed about the condition of your assets and anticipate potential problems such as wear, looseness, imbalance, shaft misalignment, electrical faults in motors, and pump cavitations.

In essence, our approach enables you to take control of managing your machinery, rather than being at the mercy of your machinery’s performance.

Over the years, vibration monitoring and trend analysis have emerged as crucial tools for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in the industrial sector. Upon the initial commissioning of rotating and reciprocating machinery, baseline acceptable vibration limits are established, and subsequent monitoring involves tracking deviations measured during scheduled data acquisition.

This shift in plant maintenance practices transitions from a preventive approach to a proactive one, as timely attention to vibration diagnostics allows for the reliable operation of equipment.

Vibration Diagnostics IMMUSCO employs cutting-edge vibration analyzers and internationally trained professionals to identify the following significant issues related to industrial machinery:

  1. Structural looseness
  2. Rotating looseness
  3. Resonance
  4. Unbalance
  5. Pump cavitation
  6. Misalignment
  7. Soft Footing faults
  8. Flow turbulence

Vibration Analysis is conducted on both rotary and reciprocating assets within the plant, including:

  • Turbines Motors
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Engines
  • Gearboxes
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Turbulence Problems


Foundation Issues

Bearing Fault

Line Frequency Interference problems

Gear Box Fault

Belt Related Faults

Motor’s Faults

Journal Bearing Faults

Cavitation Faults

Rotor Dynamics

Reliability Plus Software

Our Reliability Plus Software is employed for conducting vibration analysis on rotary machines. This software solution is designed to not only collect vibration data but also record observations, perform in-depth analysis, and provide recommendations for each rotary machine installed on-site. Included in the following slides are snapshots of the inspections conducted using the Reliability Plus Software.

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